Job Description:




  • One (1) year experience
  • Valid driver's license

Job Description:

Perform tasks involving physical labor at construction sites. Lay pipe for storm or sanitation sewers, drains, and water mains. Perform any combination of the following tasks: grade trenches or culverts, position pipe, or seal joints.

May clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, set braces to support the sides of excavations, erect scaffolding, and clean up rubble, debris and other waste materials. May assist other craft workers

Connect pipe pieces and seal joints, using welding equipment, cement, or glue.

Cover pipes with earth or other materials. Install or repair sanitary or stormwater sewer structures or pipe systems.

Duties include using, supplying or holding materials or tools, and cleaning work area and equipment.


  • build or repair structures in construction, repair, or manufacturing setting
  • cut, shape, fit, or join wood or other construction materials
  • dig holes or trenches for foundations, posts, poles, or related items
  • grade or redistribute earth for roads or other construction
  • operate pneumatic tamper to patch pavement or tamp earth
  • operate power construction equipment
  • perform safety inspections in construction or resource extraction setting
  • read blueprints
  • use measuring devices in construction or extraction work
  • verify levelness or verticality, using level or plumb bob
  • understand construction specifications
  • move or lift heavy objects
  • read technical drawings
  • use two-way radio or mobile phone
  • work as a team member
  • identify properties of soil or water samples
  • operate land or site surveying instruments
  • use building or land use regulations
  • use knowledge of laser technology
  • use hazardous materials information
  • adhere to safety procedures
  • fabricate, assemble, or disassemble manufactured products by hand
  • assemble and install pipe sections, fittings, or plumbing fixtures
  • inspect sewer, drain, or water main pipe joints to verify alignment or fit
  • install underground storm, sanitation, or water piping systems
  • lay or guide pipe into trench
  • lay out piping systems
  • use basic plumbing techniques
  • use pipe fitting equipment
  • use pressure gauges
  • apply adhesives, caulking, sealants, or coatings
  • operate power driven pumps
  • read specifications
  • read tape measure
  • signal directions or warnings to coworkers
  • use hand or power tools
  • use acetylene welding/cutting torch
  • use arc welding equipment
  • use combination welding procedures
  • weld together metal parts, components, or structures

Minimum Education: No Minimum Education Requirements


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