Job Description:



  • Knowledge and/or part of community served, DeSoto County.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, including demonstration of active listening skills.
  • Flexibility in addressing changing community needs and program environment.
  • Commitment to maintaining confidentiality.
  • Capacity to navigate the social service system and advocate for others, through the display of empathy, respect, and understanding of community values and members.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team, demonstrating initiative and capacity to compromise.
  • Understanding of community resources, programmatic goals, and understanding of organizational values and processes.
  • Experience in community work, education, health care, or related field preferred.
  • High school diploma or equivalent required.
  • Computer literacy and proficiency in technology and common software, as well as ability to learn new systems and software.
  • Due to nature of job persons who are Bilingual (English/Spanish) strongly preferred.
  • Ability to accommodate a flexible schedule, including some evenings and weekends.
  • Valid driver's license and must have transportation/vehicle.


Community Engagement

  • Develops relationships with local health care and social service providers, providing them with information to help better inform the community of food distributions.
  • Participates on coalitions or other recurring meetings as they relate to health and hunger issues
  • Represents AFFB at health fairs and other public events in DeSoto County to promote food programs and increase participation.


Reduces stigmas and other barriers to food assistance programs by providing information to both community members and other community agencies.

Implements a door-to-door outreach strategy providing information on local food distributions.

Service delivery

  • Attends food distributions in DeSoto County to provide nutrition education or other assistance as necessary.
  • Makes referrals to family support, health, and social service agencies in area.
  • Performs SNAP eligibility screening and application assistance as appropriate.
  • Documents all activity through data collection and reporting systems
  • Other duties as assigned


  • empathize with others during counseling or related services
  • use teaching techniques
  • advise families with household problems
  • attend to or care for children
  • compile data related to social service programs
  • coordinate social service activities with resource providers
  • determine program eligibility
  • determine social service program status
  • manage detailed case records in a social work setting
  • motivate people
  • relate to clients' socioeconomic conditions
  • work with persons with mental disabilities or illnesses
  • maintain awareness of social trends
  • prepare reports
  • advise clients on financial matters
  • obtain financial information from individuals
  • advise clients or customers
  • communicate visually or verbally
  • fill out business or government forms
  • make presentations
  • obtain information from clients, customers, or patients
  • record client's personal data
  • use computers to enter, access or retrieve data
  • use interpersonal communication techniques
  • use interviewing procedures
  • teach correct eating habits
  • teach food or nutrition principles
  • explain rules, policies or regulations
  • use knowledge of food handling rules
  • provide information about facilities
  • demonstrate or explain assembly or use of equipment

Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent


To apply for this position, please visit the CareerSource Heartland center nearest you.