Job Description:


Position Definition:
Oversee the program development and implementation of all client services and programs.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all consumer services meet the standards established by the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Services (CARF).
    Maintain a cooperative relationship with all businesses and organizations, e.g. DCF, Highlands
    County School Board (HCSB), South Florida State College (SFSC) and all contracting agencies.
    Maintain internal and external reporting systems in the most cost and time-efficient manner, while holding individual consumer needs as a priority.
    Assist program managers in the development of the annual budget and monitor each department to stay within budget means.
    Ensure all budgeted revenues are maximized and/or replaced with an additional revenue source.
    Serve as Director in the absence of the Chief Executive Officer.
    Evaluate all consumer services programs to determine future trends to modify, expand and continue and/or discontinue services in order to enhance the quality of services provided.
    Supervisory Responsibilities:
    Recruit, interview, hire, train, supervise, motivate and evaluate (rewarding or disciplining as necessary) staff members under their supervision and most importantly develop a strong, well trained, motivated team of employees to meet the mission of the Arc.
    Ensure the program meets the established guidelines and/or regulations of Department of Children and Families (DC & F), Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD), Commission on
    Accreditation of Rehabilitative Services (CARF), Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA), Highlands County School Board, (HCSB), Health Department and any other grantee or regulatory agency.
    Maintain regular formal communication with each directly supervised staff member.
    Give positive and constructive feedback as needed on the spot. Do so in a positive manner, working on the problem, not the person.
    Seek input from appropriate people when doing evaluations. Involve staff in making goals for their evaluations using improvement areas as guidelines. Complete evaluations fairly using examples, not generalities and in a timely manner.
    Coach staff with performance problems to improve job skills. Establish reachable goals to help meet the mission statement and vision.
    Share information with staff to meet job needs, seek ideas/input from employees. Do not contribute to gossip as a method of communications. Share vision/goals with staff, assuring everyone knows and understands their role in the mission.
    Review and approve employee time off (including green slips) & travel reimbursement requests and timekeeping system (for OT or under-utilization).
    General Responsibilities:
    Follow rules, regulations, policies and procedures and the department as defined in the policy and procedure manual (i.e. work time recognition program, reimbursements, leave requests, etc.)
    Maintain open and positive communications with consumers, staff, parents, support coordinators, regulatory agencies, the community, and other organizations.
    Will successfully complete training when required both at the beginning of employment and during employment to include but is not limited to First Aid, CPR, HIV / Aids, HAZCOM, Safety.
    Be reliable by being to work as scheduled and on time. When not available for work due to illness or emergency, report to your supervisor in a timely manner, following up with a doctor's release if needed.
    Present yourself well as an employee by being a good role model for our consumers (i.e. hygiene, attire, acting with integrity).
    Contact the Department's Central Abuse Hotline at 1-800-96ABUSE immediately for any knowledge of or having reasonable cause to suspect that a consumer has been or is abused, neglected or exploited.
    Handle routine situations and complete job functions in making decisions with unplanned obstacles/situations. Gather information and use good judgment to make decisions.
    Hold information obtained through employment regarding company business, consumers/ customers and employees in strict confidence.
    Be a member of the Safety Team by ensuring the facilities and programs meet health and safety standards. (a) Report all incidents, injuries, and exposures to your supervisor. (b) Identify, report and correct if possible unsafe conditions and actions.
    Work a flexible schedule as needed and contribute to a positive atmosphere in the program.
    Maintain formal communication with Supervisor.
    Provide necessary information to Human Resources to include automobile registration, current insurance card, insurance declaration sheet, and personal information changes timely or upon request.
    Show initiative by seeking training opportunities and/or presenting ideas to improve services at the Arc.
    Will perform specific duties as assigned by Supervisor, i.e. attending meetings, serving on committees, providing/attending in-service and off-site training, etc.

Controls over the Position:

  • Immediate Supervisor is the Chief Executive Officer. The Director of Programs & Services shall perform day-to-day duties with minimum supervision. Their performance will be reviewed through written reports and meetings with the Chief Executive Officer for adherence to goals/objectives, policies and procedures.
    Supervisory Duties:
    The following positions shall report directly to the Director of Programs & Services: Case Manager
    Coordinator, Director of Employment Services, ADT Program Director, Director of Community Services, Director of Residential Services, Program & Training Development Coordinator, Emergency & Transitional Housing Case Manager and current CBA(s).


  • Master's Degree in related field plus 4 years relevant experience, or Bachelor's Degree in related field plus 6 years relevant experience
    High School diploma with over 8 years of relevant experience
    Must pass level 2 background screening upon employment, as described in Chapter 435, F.S. including local criminal screening, drug testing and fingerprinting.

Must possess a clean driving record (3 years) as supported by a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR). 4. Must be a legal driver in the state of Florida as supported by providing copies of driver's license, registration and proof of insurance on private vehicle showing evidence of required insurance coverage as expressed by the current Arc insurance carrier.

Minimum Training Requirements

  • Completion of the new Employee Orientation
    Prefer current CPR, First Aid, HIV/AIDS certification, Alternatives for Behavioral Crises (ABC), BSA. If not upon hiring, must acquire certification within 30 days.
    Prefer Programs Experience
    Prefer Accredited Trainer


1. ensure compliance with government regulations
2. develop course or training objectives
3. conduct training for personnel
4. develop training evaluation procedures
5. develop training programs
6. evaluate training materials
7. evaluate training programs or instructors
8. identify training needs
9. monitor training costs
10. plan training procedures
11. schedule training
12. train instructors in training techniques
13. edit written material
14. write employee orientation or training materials
15. conduct or attend staff meetings
16. develop budgets
17. oversee the execution of organizational or program policies
18. use government regulations
19. assess staff or applicant skill levels
20. coordinate employee continuing education programs
21. develop policies, procedures, methods, or standards
22. direct and coordinate human resource programs
23. explain government laws or regulations
24. orient new employees
25. understand government labor or employment regulations
26. determine customer needs
27. plan meetings or conferences
28. prepare audio-visual teaching aids
29. schedule or contract meeting facilities
30. assign work to staff or employees
31. explain rules, policies or regulations

Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent

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