Job Description:


Job Order: Safety Coordinator


A safety coordinator works with the top management and is responsible for making sure that policies that protect the employers' properties and keep employees safe are created or formulated.

Job Requirements:

24 months of experience related to safety programs required, which includes:
(Hazardous Communications, Exposure Control, Personal Protective Equipment
Hearing conservation, Respiratory Protection, Lock Out/Tag Out, Confined space entry
Fire Prevention, Fall Protection, Ergonomics),
Knowledge of OSHA/ANSI standards (Occupational Safety & Health, American National Standards Institute)

Skills needed:

Communication skills
Interpersonal skills
Critical thinker
Time management
Detailed oriented




1. explain complex mathematical information
2. use mathematical or statistical methods to identify or analyze problems
3. inspect facilities or equipment for regulatory compliance
4. read blueprints
5. conduct training for personnel
6. prepare technical reports or related documentation
7. develop plans for programs or projects
8. follow safe waste disposal procedures
9. make presentations
10. read technical drawings
11. conduct evaluations of worker exposure to radiation or noise
12. recommend measures to ensure maximum employee protection
13. compile information on findings from the investigation of accidents
14. analyze technical data, designs, or preliminary specifications
15. confer with authorities or community groups
16. direct and coordinate activities of workers or staff
17. use pollution control techniques
18. advise clients regarding engineering problems
19. evaluate engineering data
20. evaluate product design
21. evaluate tool designs
22. examine engineering documents for completeness or accuracy
23. improve test devices or techniques in manufacturing, industrial or engineering setting
24. plan testing of engineering methods
25. read schematics
26. test equipment as part of engineering projects or processes
27. understand engineering data or reports
28. use drafting or mechanical drawing techniques
29. use intuitive judgment for engineering analyses
30. use knowledge of materials testing procedures
31. use technical regulations for engineering problems
32. write product performance requirements
33. test air quality, noise, temperature, or radiation
34. use chemical testing or analysis procedures
35. use scientific research methodology
36. analyze the effectiveness of safety systems or procedures
37. develop safety regulations
38. interpret employee's medical evaluations
39. prepare safety reports
40. record test results, test procedures, or inspection data
41. use hazardous materials information
42. adhere to safety procedures
43. collect scientific or technical data
44. resolve engineering or science problems
45. evaluate manufacturing or processing systems
46. perform safety inspections in industrial, manufacturing or repair setting 

Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent

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