Job Description:



Conduct audits and modify inventory in SAMII

Execute consolidations, changes to finish weeks, and split lots when needed

Monitor inventory procedures and provide feedback when following the work crews

Monitor policies and procedures for the management of inventory

Communicate Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to personnel related directly and indirectly in the inventory management

Assists multiple departments with reports regarding inventory

Monitor the physical inventory locations and tags daily



Ability to clearly communicate information and ideas

Ability to prioritize and work independently as well as part of a team

Computer skills preferred


1. monitor materials or supplies
2. operate business machines
3. authorize credit charges
4. advise clients or customers
5. calculate monetary exchange
6. confer with engineering, technical or manufacturing personnel
7. drive automobile, van, or light truck
8. fill out business or government forms
9. maintain records, reports, or files
10. package goods for shipment or storage
11. provide customer service
12. stock or organize goods
13. use cash registers
14. use computers to enter, access or retrieve data
15. use inventory control procedures
16. use oral or written communication techniques
17. carry messages or packages
18. maintain inventory of office forms
19. direct and coordinate activities of workers or staff
20. confer with vendors
21. manage inventories or supplies
22. examine products or work to verify conformance to specifications
23. clean rooms or work areas
24. order or purchase supplies, materials, or equipment
25. process orders for merchandise
26. process returned merchandise
27. sell merchandise
28. take inventory to identify items to be reordered
29. wrap products
30. fabricate, assemble, or disassemble manufactured products by hand
31. convey cargo by hand truck
32. load, unload, or stack containers, materials, or products
33. measure, weigh, or count products or materials
34. retrieve or place goods from/into storage
35. compare shipment contents to records
36. requisition stock, materials, supplies or equipment

Minimum Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent

To apply for this position, please visit the CareerSource Heartland center nearest you.