Demand Occupations List

Each year, Florida's Workforce Estimating Conference meets to review and update the State and Regional Demand Occupations Lists. These lists are developed after thorough review of current economic conditions combined with labor market information to define occupations needed for the workforce system.

CareerSource Heartland reviews this list as presented by the State, as well, and based on local workforce needs and input from partners in the communities of Region 19 makes any necessary changes or revisions. After the Board of Director's approval of any necessary changes, the list is submitted to CareerSource Florida, Inc..

The Demand Occupation Lists govern the funding and provision of training programs being offered to individuals within the workforce system in compliance with federal and state law. An individual seeking assistance with training and/or funding must be training in an occupation on the Regional Demand Occupations List.

The following links provide the job title, expected number and growth in openings and wage information for occupations in demand.

2019 - 2020 Regional Demand Occupations List (DOL)