Florida Insight – Department of Economic Opportunity

Florida Insight - Department of Economic Opportuntiy

Analysts and researchers can research labor market, economic and demographic data and compare information over time and between regions. Individuals can get help selecting a new career, finding a new job, and locating suitable education or training. Employers can analyze the labor market. Determine competitive starting salaries, review suitable training, place job orders, and find suitable candidates.

CareerSource Heartland understands that the marketplace is ever changing and businesses are constantly looking for ways to remain competitive. Some resources that may assist you are shown here. If you have any questions, you may always contact a member of our Business Operations team to provide you with answers or additional information.


We needed to fill a new position and decided to seek help from CareerSource Heartland. Their staff member came out and listened to our needs to fill this position. Not only did they find someone, but someone amazing! We are truly grateful for the time they took listening to our needs for the right person. They carefully screened candidates for us and presented to us candidates that fit our job description… so the process of hiring a new employee was easy. We will continue to use them in the future as our business expands.

Bridget Koornneef
Tecnam US, Inc.

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CareerSource Heartland helped me, I know that they can help you…