On-the-Job Training

CareerSource Heartland Offers On-the-Job Training Assistance to Employers

With many employers reluctant to hire new staff in our current economy, on-the-job training (OJT) is experiencing a resurgence. OJT provides employers with an opportunity to apply for training fund reimbursements to train workers in specialized workplace skills. If you are struggling to hire new employees who have the specialized skills required by your company, then this "in-house" training program my help you.


As an employer, you would provide CareerSource Heartland with job descriptions for approved job openings in your firm. CareerSource Heartland would match qualified, eligible applicants with your job openings. Our Business Operations team is available to help you design training plans that best match your needs and those of the applicants. The employer will make the final decision on the selection of OJT trainees.


The OJT platform will reimburse qualified employers at least 50% of their new hires; wages for the hours the employee is actively engaged in workplace training during the OJT period. As part of this agreement, the employer must agree to hire any OJT trainees as regular, full or part-time employees. The pay and benefits must be commensurate with what you pay others performing similar work.


OJT is an investment in the future that allows people to earn a paycheck while learning new skills, and allows the business to grow while securing skilled staff at a reduced rate.

Interested employers will complete an OJT application form with the relevant information.

Click here to open the application. On that page please download and save to your desktop, fill in the form, digitally sign then submit, or you may wish to contact our Business Operations team.

We needed to fill a new position and decided to seek help from CareerSource Heartland. Their staff member came out and listened to our needs to fill this position. Not only did they find someone, but someone amazing! We are truly grateful for the time they took listening to our needs for the right person. They carefully screened candidates for us and presented to us candidates that fit our job description… so the process of hiring a new employee was easy. We will continue to use them in the future as our business expands.

Bridget Koornneef
Tecnam US, Inc.

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CareerSource Heartland helped me, I know that they can help you…