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Overview of the CareerSource Heartland Region

Not Seasonally Adjusted December 18, 2020

• The unemployment rate in the CareerSource Heartland region (DeSoto, Hardee, Highlands, and Okeechobee counties) was 5.7 percent in November 2020. This rate was 2.0 percentage points higher than the region’s year-ago rate of 3.7 percent. The region’s November 2020 unemployment rate was 0.6 percentage points lower than the state rate of 6.3 percent. The labor force was 77,996, up 943 (+1.2) over the year. There were 4,469 unemployed residents in the region.

• DeSoto County had the lowest unemployment rate (4.4 percent) in the CareerSource Heartland region followed by Okeechobee County (4.9 percent), Hardee County (5.9 percent), and Highlands County (6.6 percent).

• Employment by industry in the CareerSource Heartland region totaled 52,122 jobs in June 2020 (the latest available data). Industry employment decreased by -0.8 percent over the year.

• The annual job growth rates for the government (+12.5); construction (+3.7 percent); and trade, transportation, and utilities (+1.1 percent) exceeded those of the state.

• The CareerSource Heartland region’s industry employment decreased by 420 jobs over the year in June 2020. Three of the 11 industries added jobs over the year. The industry that gained the most jobs was government (+1,003 jobs).

• In November 2020 nonagricultural employment in the Sebring MSA was 27,000, an increase of 200 jobs (+0.7 percent) over the year.

Unemployment Rates (%)
(not seasonally adjusted)
Nov-20Oct-20 Nov-19
CareerSource Heartland
DeSoto County4.43.93.3
Hardee County5.9 5.14.3
Highlands County6.65.94.1
Okeechobee County4.94.42.9
Florida6.3 6.3 2.7
United States6.46.6 3.3

CareerSource Heartland Region
Employment by Industry
Covered by Unemployment Compensation
(not seasonally adjusted)
Jun-20Jun-19 Change% Change
Total Employment52,12252,542-420-0.8
Natural Resources and Mining5,2495,282-33-0.6
Construction 3,3313,2121193.7
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities11,33711,2161211.1
• Wholesale Trade1,097 1,256-163-13.0
• Retail Trade8,1707,9402302.9
• Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities2,074 2,02054 2.7
Information 315375-60 -16.0
Financial Activities 1,5721,675-103-6.1
Professional and Business Services 3,8594,020-161 -4.0
Education and Health Services 9,2759,591 -316 -3.3
Leisure and Hospitality 5,3346,169-835-13.5
Other Services 1,1391,219-80 -6.6
Government 9,0158,0121,00312.5

Employment by Industry
Covered by Unemployment Compensation
(not seasonally adjusted)
Jun-20 Jun-19Change% Change
Total Employment8,122,6598,727,702-605,133-6.9
Natural Resources and Mining66,54664,8191,7272.7
Construction 566,671564,3552,3160.4
Manufacturing372,868 384,714-11,864-3.1
Trade, Transportation, and Utilities1,706,0261,778,116-72,090-4.1
• Wholesale Trade338,779352,110-13,331-3.8
• Retail Trade1,036,3251,095,225-58,900-5.4
• Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities330,922330,7811410.0
Information 125,909139,313-13,409-9.6
Financial Activities 578,725584,807-6,081-1.0
Professional and Business Services 1,317,6771,386,485-68,808-5.0
Education and Health Services 1,268,0161,306,586-38,570-3.0
Leisure and Hospitality 914,6431,251,913-337,270-26.9
Other Services 247,734282,251-34,517-12.2
Government 945,480973,713-28,233-2.9

Population20192018Change% Change
CareerSource Heartland 213,327211,1232,2041.0
DeSoto County38,00137,3686331.7
Hardee County26,93727,168-231-0.9
Highlands County106,221104,9331,2881.2
Okeechobee County42,16841,6545141.2

Average Annual Wage20192018Change% Change
CareerSource Heartland $36,405$35,437$968 2.7
DeSoto County$37,961$36,488$1,473 4.0
Hardee County$35,949$34,934$1,0152.9
Highlands County$35,651$34,555$1,0963.2
Okeechobee County$37,225$37,077$1480.4

Note: All data are subject to revision.
Source: Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, Bureau of Workforce Statistics and Economic Research.

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