JO#11342247 Extruder Operator (Arcadia)

Job Description:

Job Duties:

  • Full-time
    Night Shift

    Definition: Operate the Extruder efficiently while managing all Safety, Quality, Maintenance, and Housekeeping standards as required. This position will work with little supervision and is expected to actively participate with production personnel to achieve operational goals. This is a skilled position.


    • Set up and operate all machinery associated with the tile extruder to reliably provide extremely high levels of consistent product quality and quantity, as well as not cause any unnecessary plant stoppages. Set up all pertinent equipment and have it ready at the assigned shift start time. Clean all equipment, as needed.
    • Become familiar with all plant equipment to be able to provide operational and maintenance support, as needed.
    • Ensure all Safety equipment is operational at all times. Maintain Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures when machinery is being worked on or cleaned.
    • Obtain knowledge of machine controls, both automatic and manual.
    • Quality Control checks must be done as required. Responsible for all measurements and adjustments to achieve operational Quality Control Standards.
    • Maintain housekeeping standards. All work area floors must remain clean to operate machines. Excessive debris such as oil, grease, or concrete must be cleaned from machines and floors regularly.
    • Comply with all production schedules and quality control tolerances. Any deviations from the set schedule must be approved by the appropriate authority.
    • Maintain downtime records as required. Participate in repairs or solutions to downtime issues.
    • Must be a team player. Teamwork is needed to achieve all responsibilities and goals assigned to employees.
    • Observe and report any violations.

    Experience and Education Requirements

    • Two years’ experience operating and maintaining mechanical machinery in an industrial environment, or an acceptable equivalent preferred.
    • One year experience using technical instruments; scales, vernier calipers, etc.
    • Must speak read and write basic English well enough to comprehend Safety instructions or warnings, and accomplish instructions, reports and general communications involved in daily job duties.
    • Basic mathematical skills include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    • Must be authorized to work in the United States.

    Minimum Experience: 12 months



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