JO#11299092 Water Quality Technician (Okeechobee)

Job Description:

Job Duties:

  • The selected candidate will support water quality data procedures and implementation of the field data validation process utilizing water quality data validation Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This task requires detailed knowledge of the FDEP field testing, calibration, and verification requirements and will require the Scientist to utilize specific

    Information Systems to manage field data batches and conduct field test data validation. The Scientist may also accompany staff on field trips to project sites for orientation to field collection protocols.

    The composition of work is primarily office-based, with occasional field trips that may include exposure to hot, humid, and wet conditions in areas occupied by animals such as alligators, snakes, and stinging/biting insects.

    The Scientist must be proficient in Microsoft Office programs and have strong oral and written communication skills with proven organizational, time, and self-management skills.

    In collaboration with specific staff, the staff member will support the tasks listed above, as well as other QA tasks as assigned such as document development and review support for water quality documents such as SOPs, the water Quality Manual (QM), and Field Sampling Manual (FSM). Other duties will include assisting the water quality QA Team in investigating data and field quality system protocols and providing assessments based on quality system requirements as well as assisting the water quality QA Team to investigate, evaluate, and coordinate field records correction requests and corrections, including communicating professionally with the person submitting the correction.

    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    > Preparation for field trips.

    > Collection of in-situ surface water quality field measurements using multi-parameter water quality sondes (e.g., Hydrolab, YSI, or equivalent).

    > Collection of surface water samples using automatic water samplers and surface water sampling equipment such as Van Dorn (a.k.a. Niskin) samplers.

    > Collection of groundwater samples using pumps; stabilization readings using multi-parameter sondes with flow-through chambers, electronic depth to water measuring probes, and well purge volume calculations.

    > Collection of soil/sediment samples using PONAR dredges, corers, or other appropriate sampling devices.

    > Collection of all appropriate QC samples.

    > Performing all field sample and data collection activities in strict compliance with sampling protocols and quality assurance requirements.

    > Documentation of field activities and observations during all station visits, as well as laboratory activities. Documentation will be performed using portable field computer and field data collection software, and related software.

    > The documentation of all maintenance (e.g., autosampler) and calibration activities as well as ambient site/station conditions.

    > Cleaning and decontamination of sampling equipment, as well as cleaning vehicle, laboratory, and warehouse space.

    > This position may be required to provide support before, during, and after major storm events and emergency situations, such as hurricanes or other declared emergencies, depending on assigned emergency response role.

    > Exertion plus travel: Composition of office and fieldwork (percentage dependent upon position requirements), with regular exposure to a hot and humid environment in remote and heavy vegetative areas.

    > Staff may be exposed to stinging/biting insects, snakes, alligators, polluted water, contaminants, acids, and debris.

    Basic Qualifications:

    > A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in a Natural or Physical Science required or related field.

    > At least 2-years related work experience in a scientific discipline is required.

    > Must be agile with good balance, and with the manual dexterity to perform repetitive tasks and to move across rough and uneven terrain.

    > The expectation of working in, on, or near the water requires basic water skills with the ability to swim; boating experience is preferred.

    > Must have a valid Driver’s License and the ability to drive 4-wheel drive vehicles over unpaved and sometimes rough terrain.

    > Must have the ability to stand and/or kneel for extended periods outdoors during all weather conditions.

    > Must be able to lift 60 LBS.

    > Must be able to bend and/or twist while picking up and moving/transporting equipment.

    > Vision (near vision-computer screen; far vision-driving/operating equipment).

    Minimum Education:  Bachelor’s Degree

    Minimum Experience: 2 years

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